When was Janney Furnace built?

During the Civil War. Construction began on the furnace in 1863.

Why the name "Janney?"

The furnace was built by Montgomery businessman - Alfred A. Janney.

When was the Confederate Memorial dedicated?
The Center wall was dedicated June 1, 2003. The left panel in 2004 and the right panel in 2005.

Why are there three panels for the Memorial?
The center panel contains the names of 908 men from Calhoun County who died while in service for the Confederate States of America. The left and right panels contain the names of those from Calhoun County who fought and survived the war. 'A' through 'K' are engraved on the left
and 'L' through 'Z' are engraved on the right.

Who erected the Memorial?
The Sons of Confederate Veterans, General George 'Tige' Anderson, Camp # 453 of Anniston.

How many names are on the Memorial?
The center Memorial Panel contains 908 men who died while serving in the Confederate war. These men were killed in action or died from other causes (mostly disease). The other two panels contains the names of 2850 men who served during the war and returned home. A total of 3758 names are listed on all three walls.

How tall is Janney Furnace?
The stack is 50 feet high and measures 11 feet across the bosh.

What is a bosh?
The part of the furnace (inside) where the iron ore and other ingredients are heated.

What did Janney Furnace produce?
Pig iron, although Janney Furnace was destroyed by Union Major General Lovell H. Rousseau's troops before the furnace became operational.

Why is it called "Pig Iron?"
The shape of the sand molds at the front of the furnace reminded ironworkers of a sow suckling pigs.

How much iron could Janney Furnace have produced?
Janney Furnace was rated to produce 15 tons of cast iron daily.

How hot was the furnace when operating?
Temperatures were excess of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where is Ten Islands Ford?
Ten Islands Ford is believed to be located near the old Corp of Engineers Lock #2 dam. These locks and dam are located slightly below Neely Henry dam in St. Clair County. However, one source thought Ten Island Ford was at the head of Woods Islands, which is fairly close to where present day Neely Henry dam is located.

What is the significance of Ten Islands Ford?
Ten Islands Ford is where Union Major General L.H. Rousseau's men crossed the Coosa River and fought with Confederate Brigadier General James Holt Clanton's men. From here General Rousseau's men destroyed both Janney Furnace and the Cane Creek Iron Works which was located on what is known today as Pelham Range.


Who destroyed Janney Furnace?
General Rousseau sent  his Engineer Officer, a Captain Ed Ruger, and a detail of men to destroy Janney and the Cane Creek furnaces. Because Janney Furnance had not been placed on line or  'brought to blast,' Ruger burned all the wooden support structures and destroyed the chimney of the furnace. He then proceeded to Cane Creek. Since the Cane Creek furnace and foundry were in full operation, they were totally destroyed.

What does the inscription say on the left side of the Memorial panel?
The inscription on the left side of the center Memorial wall was written by Tom Smith and states: "On January 11, 1861 the State of Alabama seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate State of America. On April 15, 1861 the United States declared war on the Confederacy. The citizens of Calhoun County were among the first in Alabama to respond to the invasion of our sovereign soil. Over 4,000 of Calhoun County's best and finest men left to defend the safety of their families, their homes and the independence of our Nation, the Confederate States of America. Four years later over 2000 lay slain and less then half survived to return home. Calhoun County lost more men in the War for Southern Independence then Alabama's total combined war dead of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. On this Memorial are listed the names of our Ancestors that time has not Erased."

What does the inscription say on the right side of the Memorial panel?
The inscription on the right side of the center Memorial panel was written by Jimmy Tucker and states: "Not for fame, nor fortune, but in defense of their homes, these men who's names adorn this wall left this place never to return. Never to see the hills and valleys of Calhoun County again. Never to gaze on the old Coosa River again. They rest and wait for the long roll to call them to battle. They march the old familiar route step and in Valhalla prepare to defend their country should the need arise. They are a band of brothers, native to "This" soil and we, the people of Calhoun County, will honor and remember them as long as this wall shall stand."

What are the GPS coordinates for Janney Furnace Park?
In front of the Calhoun County Confederate Memorial, the coordinates are:
N 33° 47.705'
W086° 01.188'